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Hi there!

My name is Manjit, and I'm the Founder and Director of Buddhi. I'm also a Holistic Educator, and love all things connected to nature and spirituality. 


If you would like to know more about me, scroll down!

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My Story

Even as a child I was intrigued with mixology including using my little brother's truck to mix chickpeas, rose petals and whatever 'ingredients' I could find in the kitchen without my parents knowing (they still don't know to this day!!) to complete my perfect fragrance which I hid under my other little brothers I guess my journey for holistic therapies began when I was around 6 even if the scent was not quite how I envisioned it. Did it put me off? No. Instead I followed what was expected of me and achieved my academic abilities and became a HR Professional. 


My journey and experiences enabled my to feel inspired to follow my passion with a much bigger purpose and zest of life to help, support and inspire others using a holistic approach whilst still utilising my other acquired skills, knowledge and experience.


I am now a Community Leader, Author, Advocate, Representator on Media, Menopause Champion, Women's Health, Dementia Champion, one of three core members of Local Mental Health Forum, member of the Local Independant Advisory Group for the Police, Wellbeing Community Champion, Founder of the Men's Support Group, Trauma Informed Champion, Mental Health First Aider, Suicide Prevention, Clinical Research Ambassador, Relationship Mediator and my holistic range includes Mindfulness, Kindfulness, Heartfulness, Reiki, Naturopathy, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Mindful Yoga, Mindful Walking, Mindful Stretching, Mindful Relaxation, Mindful Eating and Mindful Drinking. 


I am passionate to learn everyday and use every day life to enable me to be a better person and human so that I can use this continuous development and help to inspire, support, guide and mentor others to live an enriched, fulfilled and joyful life everyday.


Blessings, Peace love Manjit x


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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