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About Us

Buddhi was formed in 2008 and founded in 2018 by Manjit Rai MCIPD O.A.Dip NLP

We were formed and founded to create safe spaces for all ages, walks of life, experiences to encourage healthy engagement, self development, healing and a zest for life despite daily life challenges and aid recovery in whichever form they have taken.


Our unique selling point is a holistic approach to everything with a bespoke twist! Our workforce each have their own unique set of accredited skills and expertise including Mindfulness, Kindfulness, Heartfulness, Life Coaching using Art Therapy, Colour Therapy, Reiki, Naturopathy, Herbalism and Aromatherapy and many more. 


"I want to be the hand to hold, the shoulder to lean on and the voice for the voiceless, because I know what it feels like not to have any of that when I was completely on my own with my children"


Manjit Rai 

Founder, Director and Holistic Educator Buddhi (The People's Buddhi cic) 

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The Story Behind Us

The passion and driving force behind this is a beautiful personal journey which is developing and evolving everyday. Subjected to domestic abuse in varying forms, Manjit utilised her lived experience, HR Professional skills, expertise as well as her accreditation within the ever-growing list of Holistic Therapies to advocate for and support recovery in individuals, families, groups, communities and corporate organisations and to enhance staff wellness with emotional, mental health, physical and overall wellbeing. She strives to be the 'ripple in the ocean' to make that change in society, challenging cultural 'norms'. 

Our brilliant partnership working includes our local community groups, schools, colleges, libraries, within the city of Leicester, faiths councils, multi-agencies county and nationwide such as NHS, Police, Violence Reduction Network, Community Safety Partnership Teams, Domestic Abuse Support, Youth Councils, VCS, Public Health, Youth Offending and Rehabilitation Services and the Home Office and we have had some partnership work globally too!


Whether it is arts and crafts, mixology of oils to create your own skincare, meditation, visualisation, mindfulness based physical activities indoors or in nature, mediation for any relationships or making any positive changes to your life, Buddhi is always here to help.


Our mission is to empower others to believe in themselves and in their own potential by building trust, enhancing existing and forging new partnerships and paving the way for a healthy, positive, body, mind and spirit.

Our values are that we share a contagious, bold enthusiasm, passion and motivation for a common goal. We expect our workforce and all those we are in partnership with, to work to and extend our values of being ethical, having a moral purpose and integrity, within the delivery of our products and services. 


-Acceptance and respect for ourselves and others

-To break down barriers for people to unleash their full potential

-To challenge injustice and inequality within the local and wider community

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